Super Duper!

Unoriginal blog post title, but very original burgers indeed! Super Duper is a burger joint in San Francisco that’s all about “fast food burgers, slow food values.” It’s been mentioned in numerous publications as of late with nothing but good things to say so I really wanted to give it a try.

The feel of Super Duper is much like Shake Shack in New York where it feels like a fast food restaurant but the food doesn’t reflect it at all. The menu starts off with a basic burger or slider, but then you can customize it with a number of items, some free and some not. Other than burgers, they also have chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, portobello sandwiches, salads and ice cream/shakes.

I opted for the Super Cheese Burger with lettuce, tomato, super sauce, grilled onions, avocado (+$1), and one organic egg (+$1). The burger had two very juicy patties, the grilled onions were sweet, there was a good amount of avocado, and the egg on the burger was perfect – sunny side up and super runny. Eggs are one of my favorite foods, so I just want to thank whoever came up with the idea of putting an egg on a burger. Amazing.

So I definitely recommend trying out Super Duper if you’re into burgers. And you definitely have to put the egg on it because it makes it super duper delicious. Just be ready to have one messy eating experience with that runny yolk. I think Shake Shack in New York is still better, but I would eat this burger any day of the week.


Super Duper
721 Market Street, San Francisco, CA
Super Duper website 
Super Duper Yelp reviews

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  1. Gotta tell my hubby about this place. He loves a good burger done with care.

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