Meeting Top Chefs!

A couple friends and I attended the SF Chefs 2011 After Party: Late Night Booze & Bites event last night where the special guest was none other than winner of Top Chef: All Stars Richard Blais! And of course I acted like a little fanboy and introduced myself, praised him for winning, and took a picture with him. Great guy, super nice and appreciative of all the love he was getting from everyone at the event.

With Fabio and Richard!

He also brought along a few Top Chef friends, including Fabio Viviani, one of my all time favorite contestants in all the years I’ve been watching the show. I was really excited when I met him and made some small talk (he’s a celebrity for sure in my book!). Obviously I had to tell him he was one of my favorite contestants, as I am sure he gets a lot everywhere he goes. Again, super nice guy and just having fun at the event with his friends. Other Top Chef friends in attendance included Jen Biesty, Mattin Noblia, and Ryan Scott.

Some Top Chef Contestants (and a winner!)

Richard, being the big fan of molecular gastronomy that he is, had a station in the back where his sous chefs made solid tequila shots using liquid nitrogen (they used liquid nitrogen for oyster toppings as well). The shot was super strong and the liquid nitrogen had my mouth numb for a good minute or two. But it was the first time I’ve ever tried food prepared this way so it was pretty awesome.

Pouring that liquid nitrogen

In addition to meeting some of the Top Chefs, it was also an open bar event sponsored by Skyy Spirits with whiskey as the main liquor being promoted. With the liquor flowing, food being passed around, and a live band (called the Hot Pockets — how fitting) that was pretty darn good, it made for an amazing night where I finally got to meet people on TV that I rooted for religiously when the show was on.

Only thing that would have made this night better was if Padma was at the event as well….


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  1. Padma! LOL Spoken like a true guy. I don’t think I know a man who doesn’t lust after her. One of my friends, who is a fashion reporter, said she once shared an elevator with Padma at a NY Fashion Week event. She said Padma was as statuesque and lovely in person as she is on TV. 😉

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