Joe’s Shanghai Dumplings

These little dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai are mighty fine! First of all, I like that they have both the regular pork dumplings and also the dumplings with crab meat. Reminds of Din Tai Fung, although obviously not as good (I have only been to the one in Shanghai, but I hear the Taipei one is well worth it). Also, Joe’s dumplings are great because the skin is thick enough that it won’t rip apart right when you pick it up. I hate when the soup in my dumplings spill out prematurely. It ruins the whole experience of eating dumplings! But at the same time, the skin wasn’t so thick that it was tough to eat – they’ve definitely found a nice balance to it all.

My brother and I ordered two baskets of dumplings, one regular pork and one with crab meat (16 dumplings total). We also ordered a rice cake dish and the whole bill only came out to about $20. You really can’t beat that. And after a week of running around Chicago and New York eating all sorts of food, it was nice to go back to our roots with some good old fashion cheap Chinese food where I can order in Cantonese. Felt just like home.


Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant
9 Pell Street, Chinatown, New York
Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant website
Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant yelp reviews 

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