Lobster Rolls: are they really worth it?

I’m having trouble with this one.

On the one hand, it’s lobster. Delicious, fresh lobster meat tossed in butter and served on a toasted butter roll. But any good lobster roll will cost you an arm and a leg. So is it really worth it?

I had the chance to try Sam’s ChowderMobile this week when the famous food truck parked outside my office building for the lunch hour. Now I say famous because according to NBC’s The Today Show, Sam’s lobster roll was named “Top Five Best Sandwiches in America.” And apparently a lot of people knew about this, since the line at noon looked to be at least half an hour long. My coworkers decided to wait it out and go at 1:30 when the lunch crowd had squandered off back to their cubicles.

I must admit it’s quite a hefty sandwich. At first I thought, “oh…it doesn’t look that big,” but they are not shy with the lobster meat. And why should they be when their lobster roll costs $16.50? Yes, you read correctly. $16.50 for a lunch lobster roll. A little ridiculous but I really wanted to try it.

Like I said, they aren’t shy with the lobster meat and the meat was very fresh indeed. They even threw in two or three claws. I also liked that they had a bit of green for color and to balance out the sheer amount of butter used to toss the lobster and toast the roll. For $16.50 it may not have looked like a big sandwich, but it sure was filling. All in all, I would say it was one of the better lobster rolls I’ve had. Every bite guaranteed lobster in your mouth.

So the question comes down to if it’s worth it. And my answer is yes, but only once in a blue moon when you really want to indulge. First of all, for a working man like myself, there’s no way I can afford to eat something like this every week for lunch. Second, my arteries would probably explode. But the real bottom line comes down to this: maybe I had high expectations since it was named a top 5 sandwich in the country and it just didn’t live up to that. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was delicious and well made, but if that’s a top five sandwich in this country then I might be in for a disappointment if I ever try the other four.

There are actually other things on their menu I am looking forward to try (with a more modest price range). Their Po’ Boy sandwiches and chowder both look promising. But I’ll have to wait a long time as they are booked solid at other locations until September. That’s good though, it’ll give my wallet a chance to recover after paying $16.50 for a lunch sandwich.


Sam’s ChowderMobile
Food truck; roams around the streets of SF
Website: www.samschowdermobile.com

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  1. Wait till you have the lobster roll at Bouchon Bistro. I think it’s like $21. It’s soooo worth it, though. Probably the best one I’ve had. They only have it as a special at lunch sometimes. But I was lucky enough to be there one afternoon on the right day. Yum!

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