Mmm, more ramen goodness

202 2nd Avenue, San Mateo, CA

It was a cold rainy night after work and my brother and I decided to grab some dinner on the way home after work. We stopped by San Mateo and originally wanted to go to Ramen Dojo, except the wait would have been over an hour. Instead, we stopped by Himawari for some ramen and I’m glad we did. It was my first time there and was pretty impressed.

Their selection of ramen variety was vast and it was actually a refreshing change from other ramen places that only have a handful of selections. I opted for the original ramen with both cha shu pork and stewed pork. And I’m sooo glad I got the stewed pork because it was pretty amazing. It was fatty but also very soft and meaty at the same time. And it just melted in my mouth like butter.

And just to make it even better, their slow boiled egg was cooked absolutely perfect. It was the perfect amount of runny inside, and as I am a big egg eating enthusiast, this made me absolutely ecstatic.

This was definitely a well put together bowl of ramen and I will be back again whenever I’m in the area. Mmm I love ramen.

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