Sometimes, the people really make the dining experience

Nick’s On Main
35 E Main Street, Los Gatos, CA

Every so often I’m reminded that the people you eat with can completely drive the way you feel about a meal.

That was my experience at Nick’s On Main last week during lunch. Located in a little bustling downtown neighborhood in Los Gatos, Nick’s serves up new American food at their little restaurant. I was looking for a nice place to take someone and came across it on Yelp with 298 reviews and 4.5 stars so I figured it would be a good gamble. The food was pretty hit or miss, but when you are enjoying your time with someone, the food itself almost gets put to the back burner.

We first shared the Dungeness Crab Risotto for an appetizer. The risotto itself was cooked well – it wasn’t over/under cooked and it wasn’t mushy. I would have liked a little more crab meat in the risotto but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me. There was also a nice balsamic sauce drizzled on top that gave it a good flavor. If that wasn’t there, the risotto might have been a little bland. However, the dish was prepared well and we proceeded to finish it off.

For the main course, we ordered the Bistro “Kobe Beef” Burger with Caramelized Onions/Brie Cheese/Lettuce & Tomato. I’m not sure why they put kobe beef in quotes on their menu, but I didn’t ask. I probably should have though because the burger was pretty disappointing. Although they had cooked it medium rare, the beef was still tough and somewhat dry. I really like brie cheese, but I think it was a little too strong for this burger. The only redeeming attribute that could have saved this burger was the piece of pork belly they placed on top of the burger patty. Except unfortunately, they overcooked that as well and it didn’t have enough fat. Like the beef, it came out dry and a bit tough. All in all, just a disappointing burger.

We also ordered the Lobster B.L.T. and Avocado Sandwich (pictured at the very top). Now THAT was an amazing sandwich. The roll wasn’t hard, the lobster was prepared well, and the avocado and bacon went perfectly together with everything else. I’m a sucker for bacon and we’re both fans of avocado, so this sandwich really hit the spot (even when I ate the leftovers that night). Not much else to say about this sandwich except I would have it very often if I could.

So as you can see, the food itself wasn’t spectacular. I could think of tons of places better food-wise. But the thing is, I still had a wonderful time, and I think that’s really proof that it’s not always just the food that determines your dining experience. Time flew by and I didn’t even really notice all the little nuances of the sub-par burger until later when I really thought back on it. So if you ever decide to try Nick’s On Main, either don’t order that burger or go with someone you know you’ll have a spectacular time with regardless of what you order.


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