Barbacco Porchetta Sandwich

220 California Street, San Francisco, CA

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll know that I like myself some porchetta sandwiches. I’ve tried it at a few places in the city now and so far Roli Roti is still my favorite, no question. So you’ll understand my intrigue when my friend told me one day that Barbacco’s porchetta sandwich is super delicious and rivals that of Roli Roti, maybe even better. Mind you this is the same friend that I get Roli Roti with nearly every week, so I definitely had to check out Barbacco for myself and compare.

Barbacco’s porchetta sandwich consists of slow roasted shoulder porchetta, roasted grapes and red onion, asiago cheese, rucola and condimento balsamico. The sandwich was super delicious but I can’t say it’s better than Roli Roti because I don’t think it is comparable. First of all, Barbacco uses pork shoulder and the meat isn’t as fatty as Roli Roti. It was super tender but you could tell it wasn’t sitting for hours in a rotisserie. Also, this sandwich has a somewhat flavorful cheese, which completely changes the texture and composition and give it an extra element. But perhaps the biggest difference, and also what makes this sandwich delicious, is the roasted grapes in the sandwich. The grapes are roasted, a little smushy but also sweet and just a little bit sour. I really liked what the grapes brought to the composition of the sandwich.

Barbacco is a pretty cool place and I’m sure I’ll be back again. Next time I want to try their wine list and their dinner menu since it seems like a cool atmosphere to be in on a Friday night after work. And cool fact – the drink menu at the restaurant are all on Apple iPads, so you can browse the wine listing from there. So high tech!


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