Oyster Shucking in Tomales Bay!

For my birthday recently, a few of my friends and I went oyster shucking at the Tomales Bay Oyster Company. Tomales Bay is located about an hour north of San Francisco. It’s a beautiful drive on Highway 1 right on the coastline and the view is amazing.

So Tomales Bay Oyster Company is an oyster farm – they grow/raise oysters there, farm it, and then patrons come to buy them in batches. Oyster sizes come in small, medium and large, and they sell them in bags of varying sizes. That day, I ended up buying a bag of 50 small oysters and a bag of 50 medium oysters. I personally like the small ones the best because they’re the best fresh and the easiest to handle. The mediums looked HUGE to me already, so I can only imagine how big the large ones are.

You can also picnic at the oyster farm. They set up a lot of picnic benches and each table also gets a bbq grill. So we turned it into a feast that day – I made sliders and had other foods while people shucked oysters to eat them raw and grill them on the bbq. It was a great start to my day and I’m really happy I was able to go with such good friends.

Below are just some pictures of the food – most courtesy of my photographer friend Jason. Thanks, and enjoy!

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