Pluto’s, Good Food, Bad System

3055 Olin Avenue (in Santana Row near Maggiano’s and The Counter)
San Jose, CA 95128

I went to Pluto’s in Santana Row with a friend for lunch today and I never imagined Santana Row to have a place this affordable. And it was good too. I got the tri-tip steak sandwich with everything on. The sandwich itself cost $5.90 before tax. I also shared a garlic fries. which cost $2. Also sat outside to eat on a beautiful day and people watched.

The tri-tip was juicy, the roll wasn’t hard, and the sandwich came together quite well. There’s nothing I hate more than overcooked, dried out meat ruining my sandwich, and I’m glad to say this didn’t happen at all.

The only complaint I have about Pluto’s is the way they set up the food ordering. The system is like a cafeteria. There’s a line for salad, another line for meats/sandwiches/sides, and a line for paying. Since that area of Pluto’s is somewhat small, all three lines tend to jumble together when there are lots of people. People start wasting time lining up in the wrong lines and it becomes quite inefficient. Also, because the food takes time to prep after you order it, people tend to wait around the register for their number to be called and it becomes a giant cluster of confusion.

I wouldn’t let that stop me from going back to Pluto’s though. It’s a good place to hang out for some food, and if you’re going to be drinking at Santana Row for the day, you might as well start with something on the cheaper side to fill your stomach so you can save money for the alcohol/shopping you’ll do.

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