Simple recipe for Pork Chops and Applesauce

Here's a really easy recipe for pork chops and applesauce that I've been making for a while now. I started making this one day during college when I had pork chops left over and saw Rachel Ray do it on 30 Minute Meals. Here's a link to the original recipe.What you'll need (for my simple, super dumbed down version):Pork chopsWhatever you like to season the pork chops with (I personally use salt, pepper, chili powder, cinnamon powder, and some worcestershire sauce)Apple juice or apple cider (I like to go to Safeway and buy the cheapest one I can find. Usually it'll cost you less than $2 for a big Safeway brand apple juice so you can use it for this recipe and save the rest for yourself/the kids)Apples (I used three to make mine and I have a ton left over for the next few days)Small piece of ginger if you can (for flavor and a little spicy kick, but not absolutely necessary)Some lemon juice (to keep the apples from browning too quickly during cooking process)Sugar (brown recommended, but I don't have brown so I usually just use white)Really simple to follow along. Chop the apples into small chunks, then put it in a pot. Also peal the small ginger piece and place it in with the apple chunks. Squeeze the lemon juice over the apples. Next pour the apple juice into the pot with the apples. I like to pour enough to cover the apple chunks so the juice will really break down the apples. This tends to make a very watery sauce though. Bring the pot to a boil at high heat, then lower to low-medium heat, cover, and let simmer. The apple juice will break down the starch/carbs/sugars in the apple and cook it down to soften it up. Stir occasionally and add sugar to taste until you get the amount of sweetness you want. That's it for the apple sauce!

For the pork chops, season to taste however you like it. After about 10-15 minutes of cooking down the apples, you can throw those bad boys on the grill/on the skillet/in the oven and cook them. I prefer to grill them, except it’s a lot of work so I usually just throw it in a pan and sear on both sides until cooked through. Once that’s done, I like to throw in a little butter and a splash of apple juice in the pan to deglaze it and pour the juice over the pork chops for an extra kick.

At that point, the apple sauce should pretty much be done. If you want your apples to be super mushy you can continue to let it simmer and break them down more. I don't like them super mushy so at about 25 minutes of cook time I think they're good to go. Pour the apples/sauce over the pork chops and enjoy!


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