Roli Roti – may be the best sandwich…ever?

Fine, that statement may be a stretch. I haven't eaten a great deal of amazing sandwiches in my day. But Roli Roti's porchetta sandwich is by far the best I've ever eaten. For those who don't know, every Thursday and Saturday the San Francisco Ferry Building has a farmers market, and on those days Roli Roti graces people with their presence.Roli Roti is a rolling/mobile rotisserie truck (get it? roli clever!) that drives around spreading its deliciousness across the Bay Area in locations such as San Francisco's Ferry Building, Oakland, and Palo Alto (among others). I have only been to the San Francisco one, and by experience I can tell you that the lines can get pretty long for one of these bad boys. First time I went around noon and waited about 45 minutes. The most recent time was a little better - got there a little before noon and only waited about 15-20 minutes.

So what’s so amazing about it? This porchetta sandwich consists of a thick crunchy roll layered with porchetta, caramelized onion, arugula and a sprinkle of sea salt. The porchetta is super juicy from the rotisserie and has a really good balance of meat and fat. To top it all off, they will chop up some of the caramelized porchetta skin to put in the sandwich, giving you that nice sweet crunch to go with that juicy and tender pork.

Just thinking about it right now is making me super hungry again. If you’re ever in the SF area on Thursday or Saturday, I suggest you check it out. The farmers market and Ferry Building shops is a fun place to explore when you have time on your hands. In order to confirm whether this in fact is the best sandwich ever, I will need to begin my journey of sandwich tasting. Next up on the menu will be the hyped about Ike’s Place in San Francisco. We’ll see how the competition stacks up.

Roli Roti: 1 Ferry Plaza, San Francisco, CA (plus other Bay Area locations. Check their website for a calendar of their schedule.)


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    Yes. The best sandwich ever.

  3. Max

    Agreed. Their porchetta sandwich is AWESOME. Great summary – if you have some time, give it a review on Foodia ( and share it even more widely!

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