Perilla in SOMA, San Francisco

Some coworkers and I strolled out the Perilla (Vietnamese food) today for some garlic noodles during our lunch hour. The place is pretty much right in the financial district on Mission Street (technically SOMA) and the restaurant is not very big. It also gets busy during lunch hour because their garlic noodles seem to be pretty famous. Perilla is a sister restaurant of PPQ, a pretty well known dungeness crab and garlic noodle restaurant in San Francisco.

I ordered the pork garlic noodles. The pork was good, although I wish there was more of it. The quantity of garlic noodles was insanely large. In fact, they keep their garlic noodles in one of those big rice cooker pots next to their white rice because it is such a popular dish in their restaurant. The noodles were VERY garlic-y, and we could tell it was made with TONS of butter. The meal was really good, and the price was reasonable ($9.50 for my dish, $10.50 for the pork chop garlic noodle). Not much else to say…it was just a good lunch for a Friday at work right before the weekend.

However, I must warn you that the garlic noodles is not for the weak stomach. First of all, the dish is pretty huge. I made the mistake of finishing the whole thing and I was STUFFED. Like uncomfortably stuffed. And second, it may be one of the most unhealthy things you’ll eat for lunch. They probably use loads of butter to cook the noodles (that’s why it’s so good!). But you may feel completely disgusted by yourself after eating it. I definitely was. So prep your stomach before you eat it, and if you do, make sure you work out that day!

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