Yo Yo’s in Financial District, SF (cheap and fast!)

I think I may have just stumbled upon my new go-to spot for lunch in the city during work. My friend and I met up for lunch and, through Yelp, found Yo Yo’s. This tiny little mom and pop take out shop is a few blocks behind my office building and unless you’ve heard of it from someone, chances are you would probably never go in.

Yo Yo’s serves a couple varieties of Japanese food – udon, soba, seaweed and squid salad, chicken teriyaki, and some sushi. The sushi and salads are pre-made and sits in the container waiting for you to choose it. The chicken and noodle entrees are somewhat made to order (I believe some of the cooking has been prepared beforehand), and you can order the full serving or a half serving if you’re not too hungry.

And I know you may be thinking…”what’s the big deal Derek? Why is it your new go to place? Sounds like any random Japanese place to me.” This may be true – the food is not absolutely out of this world (but not bad either, if I may add), but what’s so special about this place is the price and quickness. My friend and I both ordered udon and were literally in and out of the shop within two minutes. The cute little Japanese couple behind the counter is so quick with their orders it’s actually quite impressive. I read on yelp that during lunch hours, it could get pretty busy but people never have to wait long.

But the thing you can’t really beat are their prices. A full serving of udon cost $4 and you get to choose between tempura, bean curd, or seaweed flavor. If you say “heck, I can’t decide, I want all 3,” well you can do that as well for only $0.50 extra!!! So I got the full order of udon with everything on for $4.50 out the door. If you’re not that hungry and want a half order? Be prepared to pay less than $3 for your meal. It’s so cheap you just can’t beat it.

And the udon wasn’t bad either. Not the best udon I’ve ever had in my life, but it wasn’t the worst either. The broth was full of flavor (and probably also a lot of MSG), the noodles weren’t too soggy nor too undercooked, and the tofu/bean curd soaked in tons of flavor from the soup. It was also quite filling and if I wasn’t very hungry I might even consider just getting a half order.

I will definitely come back here again and again. With everything in the city so darn expensive, it’s nice to find a cheap little place that will keep me full the rest of the day.


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