Guide to Picking the Ripest Fruit Around

A great little article I came across on the front page of Yahoo giving a couple of tips on choosing the ripest fruit for your eating pleasure. I’ll be the first to admit I have no idea how to pick ripe fruit and usually go in blind when shopping for it, so I’ll be sure to have this little guide handy the next time I’m at the supermarket or farmers market. The following are some excerpts of some fruits I like, but you can find the full article here:

Stone fruits

Look for peaches and nectarines that are tender to the touch, but not too soft. Feeling is the best way, but smell can also be a good indicator of taste as well, says Gabriel Kass-Johnson of McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, New York. Stay away from peaches that have a greenish tint, which usually means they were picked too early.

Plums should be slightly tender to the touch and fully colored, says Rachel Saunders, owner of Blue Chair Fruit.



Saunders suggests looking for bright, firm oranges. “A too-pale color can indicate that the fruit was picked a little early,” she says. “A leather-looking peel indicates the orange is old.”


“A ripe pear typically has a sweet aroma and is slightly tender to the touch,” says Saunders. “If the fruit is hard, it’s not ready.” She also points out that pears ripen very well off the tree at room temperature.



“You can take a mango that’s not ripe and throw it in a brown paper bag on the counter and it will ripen on its own,” says Wallendjack. “If it feels soft and if you press it in and it keeps the imprint of your finger, then it’s ripe and ready to eat.” She also says the skin should have a yellowish tint to it. Green on the outside means it’s not ripe yet.

Hope these tips will help you out as well!

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