Il Cane Rosso at SF Ferry Building

It was quite a beautiful day in SF today so my friend and I grabbed lunch at Il Cane Rosso in the San Francisco Ferry Building just to get away from the office. We walked over right at about noon thinking there would be tons of people at the Ferry Building but it really wasn’t all that busy. Perfect since we didn’t want to wait too long in line.

Il Cane Rosso is located at the back of the building next to the Slanted Door. It’s this little place that serves rotisserie and sandwiches. There are a couple tables outside the shop where you can sit and enjoy your meal and also get a good view of the Bay Bridge right behind you. The service is quick and the food is pretty great, but it is a little on the pricey side since it is located in the Ferry Building.

My friend recommended the Marin Sun Farms Beef Brisket Sandwich, which has lemon aioli, spicy pickled red onions. The brisket was super incredibly juicy and tender and full of flavor. And it paired so well with the pickled red onions. Usually I’m not a fan of red onions just because of the strong raw flavor, but having them pickled turns it into something completely delicious. The bread was also really good, although because the brisket was so juicy it soaked the bottom of the bread and made it quite messy to eat. I’m not complaining though, sometime messy food is the best food.

Although it was a super good sandwich, I don’t know if I can fully recommend coming here for lunch. The sandwich cost almost $10! No doubt this sandwich was really great, but it’s hard to say if it was worth $10-sandwich-great. If I were to pay that much for a sandwich, I would probably just go Roli Roti during the Ferry Building Farmer’s market (BEST SANDWICH I HAVE EVER EATEN, but I will post about that another time). That being said, I will probably come back here once in a full moon just to try out other things on their menu.

It really was a good sandwich though. Really.

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