Le Petit Bistro, a little hidden gem

Thank goodness for Yelp.

My friend Jewels and I were looking for a place to feast and catch up in the Mountain View area, and she came across Le Petit Bistro on Yelp. If you frequent the downtown Mountain View area you’ve probably driven by a hundred times without realizing it. This little french restaurant doesn’t really seem like a restaurant when you first walk in. Sure there are tables set up and such, but it had a very homey feel. Plus since we were the only ones there when we arrived, it was nice and peaceful for us to catch up and talk.

The waitress that served us was super nice and very friendly. She gave us wine suggestions and throughout the whole meal was very attentive to our needs. I definitely give them an A+ in the service department. There were also a good number of selections on the menu as well as a board with specials of the week.

Normally I would get the french onion soup for appetizer just because I have a thing for it, but I decided against it and the two of us shared the crab tart, which was a special appetizer of the week. There were little bite sized hors d’oeuvres with baked crab meat inside a flaky tart crust. Although small, it was quite delicious. It had a lot of good flavor and nothing overpowered the crab. It also wasn’t overwhelming to a point where it would make us too full for the main course.

For the main course, my friend ordered the Medaillons de Porc aux Champignons (Medallions of tenderloin pork with a mushroom demi-glaze). The presentation was nice, especially with the grooved design in the mashed potatoes. I had a bite of the pork and it was prepared tender and juicy, definitely not overcooked (which would have ruined the dish). The glaze was sweet and flavorful and I had no complaints from that one single bite of the pork. Very well prepared indeed.

And as some of you may know, I always get the duck when its on the menu, and this time was no different. I ordered the Demi Canard Roti a l’orange (Roasted crispy half duck with a tangy fruit sauce). There were two huge duck legs in the entree, which was surprising because restaurants usually don’t offer that much duck in their dishes. When I first cut into the crispy skin, we heard crackling (what an amazing sound). The duck was good, but I think in order to get the skin that crispy, they had to roast it for a little longer than needed so the duck meat was a tad bit overdone. However, it was still acceptable and it didn’t ruin the dish. In addition, the “tangy fruit sauce” was actually quite sweet, and I definitely tasted plum/apricot in it which made is super delicious. The sauce gets an A+ and I want to learn to make it.

To cap off the night, we also ordered two desserts to share - the Tiramisu and the Crepe with fresh fruit. When the tiramisu first came we were actually a bit confused. It didn't look like a tiramisu, just a blob of yellow cream (see picture below) with some cake in the middle. But looks can be deceiving because the tiramisu was amaaaazzing. Creaming and sweet but not excessive, it was the perfect balance. The crepe we ordered was off the specials menu and it was prepared quite well also! At first I was a little hesitant when it arrived, and I guess to be honest it wasn't anything special, but the fruit was fresh and again the cream was really good, sweet but not overbearing.

Overall it was a very delightful meal and I’m glad I got to try this place out since I would probably never have known it existed if it wasn’t for my friend searching through Yelp. It has inspired me to look for more little gems around the Bay Area so look out for those!


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