Shake Shack in NYC…overrated…

I also swung by New York City during my East Coast travels, and decided to stop by Shake Shack because I had heard on many occasions how good it is. I'm not going to lie, I was utterly disappointed with Shake Shack and I don't think it was worth the hour plus wait. It was pretty ridiculous for a burger joint.I went to the Madison Square Park location and when I got there around 2pm the line was still pretty long, but I thought, "this is a burger joint, the wait can't be that bad." Boy was I wrong! From the moment I got there until the moment I had my food in my hand, I had waited almost 1.5 hrs. See the picture below - these were just the people behind me and there were still people ahead of me. That lamp post you see on the left in the background is the one hour marker. In the back of my mind I thought...this better be a damn good burger.

Aaaaand…it really wasn’t anything special. Seeing how it was my first time, I decided to go with the classic and got the ShackBurger with fries and a vanilla shake. I could tell the beef was very fresh, but honestly I could have gotten a better meal at In&Out and only wait 5-10 minutes. So disappointed.

That being said, I do understand that I did not get a full perspective of Shake Shack. Once I told my friends about my experience, I was told I should have tried the Shack Stack, a cheeseburger with fried portabello mushrooms. People told me the Shack Stack was one of the best burgers they’ve ever had. I also know that they recently had a special burger with peanut butter and bacon. On top of that, they also have a bunch of “frozen custard” desserts I didn’t get a chance to try. I guess I just missed out.

I will give Shake Shack another chance, but only one more. I’m willing to wait in that line again to give it another shot with the special burgers. If I’m still disappointed, I will never go back.

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  1. Oh man i LOVE shake shack!!! but yea i only go when visitors are in town (haha every 2-3 weeks?) and you have to be strategic about the line.. going around 12pm on saturdays is pretty good (everyone else is hungover) or 1140ish on weekdays. there are also 2 other locations now (times square and UWS) that are less crowded.

    but yea when i first moved to ny i thought in n out was better, but then i went to LA to visit and had an in n out burger and it wasn’t as good! i think the meat at shake shack is better, i LOVE the potato bun and the veggies are fresher.. if you add in the line + price though, guess it’s comparable.. oh and shake shack’s fries are awesome + frozen custards!

    • eatingwithderek

      I’m actually going to be in NYC soon and I’m going to give Shake Shack another try. I realized maybe I was a little unfair with my review because of the wait haha. Plus I heard the Shack Stack (the beef and shroom burger hybrid) is pretty amazing. Plus the frozen custard!

      Other restaurants I have reservations for/I’m planning to go to: Le Bernardin, Morimoto, Joe’s Shanghai, Lombardi’s, Ippudo. I love all the amazing food in NY!

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