Fruit Tart from The Prolific Oven

My friend bought me a fruit tart from The Prolific Oven, a bakery in the Bay Area owned by another friend of mine. And I’m saying this not because my friend owns the bakery, but that fruit tart was really one of the best I’ve had. The fruit was fresh and sweet, the pastry crust was not hard at all, and the creamy filling went perfectly with the fruit. It was the perfect breakfast snack to start off my morning.

It should also be noted that said bakery owner friend sometimes reads this blog. And since I’ve given the fruit tart from The Prolific Oven such a great review for the millions of people who travel through this site every day (obviously), maybe I can get some hookups now : )

About eatingwithderek

Just a guy eating his way through life.


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL picture! Perhaps you should take over my camera duties at work πŸ™‚

    And maybe you would’ve known that you DO get hookups if you actually visited from time to time! Whatcha gotta say to that? =P

    • eatingwithderek

      Nice! I clearly have no comeback since in the last 8 years my bro has been to TPO more than me.

      And you’re welcome to use the picture for TPO if you want. Just give me some credit πŸ™‚

  2. rena

    oh wow, that looks good. i want one. kthx

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