Recipe: Miso Glazed Salmon & Mango Salsa Salad

Here’s a simple recipe I randomly made the other night and it turned out quite well. I’m sure a lot of people already know how to do this and this recipe is all over the net, but I thought of it off the top of my head so I’m just going to be proud of that fact alone.

Ingredients needed:
Miso paste (can be bought at most supermarkets)
Salmon filet
Soy sauce
Salad spring mix (courtesy of Costco)
Mango Salsa (also courtesy of Costco)

So this is really simple to do. In a bowl, mix about a tablespoon of miso paste with some soy sauce (adjust ingredient amounts to portion size). I would try not to use too much of either just because it can get a bit sweet and salty if you use too much. Both the miso paste and soy sauce are inherently salty. Add seasoning (salt, pepper, paprika, or whatever else you like) to the filet, and then glaze both sides with the miso/soy sauce mixture. Cook the filet on a skillet, about two or three minutes each side depending on thickness or adjust to own preference of done-ness. That’s it for the fish.

The salad is even simpler. I bought the spring salad mix (pre-washed and everything) and the mango salsa from Costco. The great thing about the mango salsa is that you can pretty much use it for everything – chips, sandwiches, pita wraps, etc. I know some of you die hard foodies may complain because I’m not actually making my own mango salsa, but I work 13+ hours a day so this just makes life a lot simpler for me.

And there you go – a great, somewhat healthy dish in less than 10 minutes! I feel like Rachel Ray.

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One comment

  1. shellyinreallife

    “i feel like rachel ray”, lol

    i ❤ miso glazed salmon. pan-sear mine for a quick second, then finish by broiling in the toaster over with a miso-soy-mirin glaze. the sugar in the mirin gives it that nice gloss.

    post more!!!

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