One of the best Thai meals I’ve had at Spice Market

On the first night of my short trip to Thailand, my flight was delayed and we didn’t get in til pretty late.  Because of this, we decided to just grab dinner inside the hotel and headed to Spice Market inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.  And boy, I could definitely rank it as one of the top three Thai meals I have had in my life.

The decor of the restaurant didn’t automatically scream traditional Thai, but it was a nice place to sit for a meal.  The service was excellent as everyone was very attentive to our needs and they were very accommodating.  I noticed this theme throughout my whole trip in Thailand, but I think it makes sense since Bangkok is very much a tourist destination.

The star of the meal was definitely the food.  I won’t make this post super long with description of the food and whatnot.  I’ll just include some mouth-watering pictures for you to see what I experienced as it was delicious.  Enjoy!

Papaya Salad with Chicken and Coconut Rice. The salad was a little bit spicy, but it had awesome flavors.  The addition of the chicken made it a hearty dish and it has become something I will order at all Thai restaurants from now on.

Egg Rolls. Came out steaming hot.  Not much more to say about this one – just good.

Chicken cooked inside Banana Leaf. We were afraid this might come out dry, but it was super juicy and tender.  Again, lots of flavor.

Tom Yum Goong Soup. This was very different that what I’m used to.  This version of Tom Yum Goong was much creamier because of the addition of the coconut milk.  It was a nice change, although anything more than a bowl and I think it will be too heavy.  It also had two large prawns in it.  Delicious.

Beef Brisket Curry with Flatbread. I’m a big fan of brisket and I’m a big fan of curry and dipping flatbread in curry.  This dish was a slam dunk for me.  The meat was tender, the curry was flavorful with a punch of heat, and the curry went well with just about everything.

Mango Sticky Rice. We asked the waitress if they had mango sticky rice for dessert, and her response was “Of course!!”  I guess in Thailand mangos are really always in season.  I loved the presentation on this.  The mangos were sweet and the sticky rice was great.  Great way to end the meal.


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  1. Is this Jean-George’s sister restaurant to the one in NY? I love his food. His nickname since childhood has been “the palate.” And it’s well-deserved, given the talent he has for flavors.

  2. This looks awesome! There is one in NY though and I heard it’s not that great — sure the one in Thailand is the best.

    And great pictures! You should carry your camera around more often! =)

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