Burgers and Brew serves up…burgers and brew…

Stopped by Burgers and Brew last night in Davis, CA on my way back from a fun day of snow in Tahoe.  This little place is located in Downtown Davis and is quite a popular spot for the college students that live around the area.  The menu has an assortment of burgers and sandwiches to choose from, as well as a large variety of beers.  Although many of the burgers were classics you could find at most restaurants, there were a few that were more special.

I decided to try the Bacon and Jalapeno Burger.  The burger had really good flavor and the beef was cooked perfectly (medium rare, like I asked).  It was still juicy and tender and full of flavor.  I especially liked the jalapeno since it gave it a really nice kick.  The sour note on my meal came with the onion rings I ordered to replace the fries (which cost me an extra $0.75 I might add).  It was super oily to the point where oil puddles were forming on my plate.  The batter was too thick and soggy.  Not good at all.  If you ever try Burgers and Brew, definitely do not order the onion rings.

All in all it was a good meal with good friends.  It was especially good since we had just finished a full day of snowboarding and drove 3 hours (2 of which was in pretty heavy snow down a mountain) and it was a nice reward for a fun but tiring day.  Check it out if you’re in the area – definitely not a bad little burger place to eat at.


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