The Boiling Crab SO WORTH IT

I had The Boiling Crab last night in San Jose with friends and it was one of the most amazing seafood meals I have ever had.  It was so good that I’m willing to overlook the 1+ hour wait for this delicious meal.  Right when we walked in, the amazing aroma of Cajun seafood smacked me in the face and I was immediately mesmerized.  The restaurant space is pretty small, and this place was completely packed – even on a Thursday night.  Smelling the food for an hour while waiting made me super hungry and the worst part is that people eating like to take their sweet time to enjoy their food and you can only watch in agony as you wait.


But let me tell you, IT IS SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.  We sat down and immediately ordered a dungeness crab, 3 pounds of shrimp, 3 pounds of crawfish, and sweet potato fries.  While we waited for our food (which took about 15 minutes to prepare), we put on our safety bibs and got ready for our long awaited meal.  Just a side note – please don’t wear nice clothes to The Boiling Crab.  It will undoubtedly get dirty and smelly so just leave the nice clothes at home.  You’re there to eat, not show off.

For our shrimp and crawfish, we ordered “the whole sha-bang!” which included all the different seasonings and also got them with medium heat.  The shrimp was a little overdone, but still really good.  It came in a huge plastic bag and drenched in juices.  There was tons of flavor in the shrimp, and also tons of garlic.  It definitely had a good Cajun feel and digging in and getting dirty ripping the heads off and peeling the shell made the experience that much better.  The crawfish also had really good flavor, but in my opinion it is not worth it and you shouldn’t order it.  There was barely any meat inside each little crawfish so it wasn’t worth the trouble peeling all the shell for that little bit only.  Definitely go for something else if you’re there.

But the star of the night was definitely the dungeness crab.  The crab was perfectly cooked, there was tons of meat both inside the claws and in the body, and the flavor was amazingly buttery.  There isn’t anything else I can say about it except it was one of the best prepared dungeness crabs I have ever had in my life.

All in all, I absolutely loved this meal and it was definitely worth the long wait.  I would go back again in a heartbeat just to try all their seasonal seafoods.  This meal was a bit pricy just because it IS seafood, but I think it’s not too bad (average $20-25 per person after tax and tip maybe) and it is so worth it.  I am willing to bet most people that have been there will say it is amazing as well, so go give it a try if you haven’t already!

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  1. Juliana

    The dungeness crab is my FAVORITE thing to get here! Sooo good :). Next time, don’t forget the corn and try the clams! The cajun fries are also delicious and the raw oysters aren’t bad either. I live right by here, so let me know if you ever want to venture to my side of town for some B).

  2. OMg I LOVED boiling crab! I only went once in the OC (not sure what city it was? think it was the original one), but I’m dying to go again! The one in San Jose is 5 minutes away from my parent’s house! will go this summer…

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