Wuji Mala House serves up personal warmth

What better way to keep warm on a cold day than to get your own personal hot pot to cook in front of you.  Wuji Mala House in San Jose offers this experience – it is a Taiwanese restaurant specializing in personal hot pots.  For those who haven’t had it before, hot pot is pretty much a pot of soup that’s boiling in front of you and you cook your food right there at the table and eat it.  Wuji offers a variety of meat selections as well as four levels of spiciness to their soup base (non-spicy, mild, medium, and hot).  I got the mild because I like heat but not THAT much heat.  I have heard rumors though that their hot is crazy hot (and it should be, since “mala” in Chinese is equivalent to spiciness).

I enjoyed this place if for no other reason than it kept me warm on a super cold night.  But the food itself wasn’t bad either and was priced reasonably cheap for hot pot.  I ordered the pork so raw slices of pork came out with my hot pot of soup base.  The soup base also had a bunch in ingredients already in it, including vegetables, fish balls, beef tendon, tofu, etc (see photo above).  I’ve had better hot pot before in my life (coming from Hong Kong, that’s not much of a statement), but this is a nice little place in the South Bay to check out if you’ve never had it or want a personal hot pot for yourself to keep warm without breaking your wallet.  Hey, it beats paying lord knows how much to crank up the heater in the house.

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