Oysters Galore at Hog Island Oyster Company!

Oysters.  They are good.  They are very good.  That’s why I was so excited to visit the Hog Island Oyster Company in San Francisco after work for happy hour.  Located inside the Ferry Building off of Embarcadero, this place is completely packed during happy hour from 5-7pm on only Mondays and Thursdays.  If you get there late, good luck trying to get a table to sit at or even a counter top to stand at to eat.  And I don’t blame people for swarming Hog Island during happy hour – $1 oysters and cheap alcohol, how do you beat that?

The place is super small, and there is a gang of people crowding around waiting for tables and a chance to try their oysters.  The “kitchen” area is right smack in the center, and you can see guys hard at work shucking oysters for your mouth watering pleasure.  Hog has a large selection of oysters on their regular menu as well as other food you can order (but why would you?).  Since most of us were there for the first time, we decided to deviate from the original $1 happy hour plan and got oysters from their regular menu – 50 oysters for six people to be exact.  And boy was it delicious.  Every single one I ate was fresh, and with the lemon and lime juice it made it that much better.  To top it off, they even have tobasco and hot sauce if you’re into that on your oysters.

Our bill was pretty expensive in the end since we didn’t order the $1 oysters, but I’m sure we got higher quality oysters and at that point I didn’t mind.  I was just glad I got to experience this place and will go back again in a heartbeat.

A little tip for all of you going for the first time – put your name down on the waitlist, but also know that the two silver stand-alone counters in the back are first come first serve, so if you can snatch one of those (with enough space to put down a platter of oysters) you’re golden and can just stand there to eat.  Next on my list, going to the actual oyster farm and shucking my own oysters!

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  1. I LOVE Hog Island oysters. When I eat those, I never even put any kind of sauce on them. They have such a sweet, sea taste that you need nothing else with them.

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