Kung Fu Tacos, quick and simple lunch

While in San Francisco for work, my coworkers and I decided to try Kung Fu Tacos, a taco truck serving Asian Fusion tacos.  They have a twitter that you can follow to know exactly where they will be located each day.  The menu is very limited – only four varieties of tacos and not much else.  Each taco is $2-3 and three to four is a good amount of food for a quick lunch.

I ordered three tacos for my lunch – chicken, steak and duck breast.  The tacos have a lot of flavor, especially with the cilantro and lime juice.  It was definitely different from tacos I’m used to and it was a welcomed change because I am such a fan of Asian food.  There’s not much more to say about this place because the concept really is simple: a variety of made to order tacos that are more Asian than Mexican.  If you’re looking for a quick lunch in the area, I would say try it out.  It could be hit or miss though – some people (like me) really enjoyed my meal, while others like some coworkers preferred traditional tacos more.


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