Brunch and all you can drink mimosas at Circa? Count me in

To celebrate my friend’s bday, 17 of us went to Circa in the Marina district of San Francisco for brunch and all you can drink mimosas.  First of all, props to Circa for being able to accommodate 17 of us, especially since there was another huge party there at the same time.  The all you can drink mimosa deal is $9 per person and they pretty much just keep refilling pitchers of mimosas all throughout your meal.  Not much more to say in this regard, because well, it’s all you can drink mimosas!  Where’s the bad in that?

Their brunch menu also had a Benedicts Sampler.  Being the big eggs benedict fanatic that I am, it was a must try for me.  I ordered the Italian Benedict (Fennel sausage, Tomato basil sauce, hollandaise and balsamic) and the Bearnaise Benedict (Grilled Beef Tenderloin & Tarragon-Shallot Hollandaise).  The Italian was really good – not heavy and the tomato basil sauce mixed with the balsamic and hollandaise made a perfect combination.  I was not as pleased with the Bearnaise as it felt heavy and just too much for a benedict.  The beef wasn’t too tender either so that was a bit disappointing.

On the menu I also saw Lobster & White Truffle Mac and Cheese.  I was very excited about it and decided to split it with a few friends.  The dish tasted really good, except it was super creamy and made it a pretty heavy dish.  I only had a few bites, which I thought was the perfect amount.  If i had to finish the whole bowl, I probably would have felt sick afterward.

All in all, the service was good, the food wasn’t bad, and the bottomless mimosas capped off what was a fantastic meal with great friends.  If you’re planning on coming here, especially for a big party, call ahead and make a reservation.  Also, consider taking a cab so you can take advantage of that mimosa!

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