Scott’s Seafood, pricey but good

Yesterday I went to Scott’s Seafood in San Jose with eight other coworkers for lunch.  Although pricey, I found it to be quite an enjoyable meal as the food was prepared well and didn’t take too long either.  The dining area itself is pretty big as it takes over the top floor of a building on San Fernando street.  It was well lit with plenty of sunlight, and the decor was pretty modern.  The only thing I didn’t really like was the fact that the waiters were a bit oblivious at times.  For example, while setting the water, he put the glass where two tables connected unevenly in height but just left it there.  It was obviously going to tip over if left there, but I don’t think he was concerned about us getting wet.

I ordered the Grilled Prawn and Avocado BLT with Grilled Sliced Sourdough and French Fries. I must say this sandwich was delicious.  The prawns were prepared well with a hint of citrus lime flavor, the bacon was smoked with flavor, and everything worked cohesively together on the plate.  I have never had prawns with avocado before, and it worked surprisingly well so I was very pleased with my meal.

Prawn and Avocado BLT

Other entrees at the table included a HUGE chicken sandwich, fish & chips, fish tacos, and salmon wrap.  The presentation on all of them looked very appetizing, although the fish tacos were a bit messy to eat.  I told my friend to order fish tacos and at the end she ended up not eating the last taco but just ate the filling inside since it was too messy and the taco was becoming a bit stale.  However, I tried the chipotle salsa that came with the dish and it was pretty good.  For the full menu, click here click here.

But like I said at the beginning, Scott’s is a pricey place to have lunch.  A typical lunch entree will cost in the range of $10-20 before tax and tip.  If you order a drink, as some of us did, that’s another $5 on top.  The total bill for the nine of us came out to about $170 with a 18% gratuity already included.  I think it’s okay to have a lunch that expensive once in a while, and the food was great, but I probably won’t make it a habit or else I won’t have any money left!

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