McCormick’s knows the economy is tough

For those who don’t know, McCormick & Schmick’s chain of somewhat upscale seafood restaurants located around the country.  Since their menu mainly surrounds seafood, you can probably guess that it’s not the cheapest meal in the world.  In fact, they offer an updated menu every day with the fresh seafood that they have available.  However, McCormick’s knows that times are rough right now, so they decided to offer a 10 under $10 deal, where 10 entrees are $10 or less.  The selection is actually pretty good and chances are you’ll find something you won’t mind eating.

After hearing about this deal, a bunch of us went over to McCormick’s in San Jose for lunch today.  Most people ordered the Blackened Chicken Linguine with peppers and Cajun cream sauce. Although I didn’t try it, it did look very appetizing and probably something I could split into two meals (hence $5 per meal!).  Someone also ordered the Lemon Prawn Salad, which seemed appetizing but looked a little plain in appearance (no pictures of either of these dishes, sorry).  The Salmon Bake also looked and smelled quite good.

Rock Cod Fish & Chips

I decided to drift away from the $10 menu and order the Rock Cod Fish & Chips.  I debated a long time between that or the Salmon and Mahi Mahi Medallions but ultimately went with the fish & chips since the waitress recommended it over the medallions.  When the basket first came out, the fish & chips were super hot and fluffy.  The cod was steaming hot inside the breaded outer layer, and everything worked harmoniously.  However, by the time I neared the end of the first piece of fish, I started feeling a little groggy.  Once the oil got a little colder, eating it became more of a sluggish feat.  Don’t get me wrong, it still tasted great.  But at some point it switched from delicious to oily.  I should have tried the medallions instead……

For those keeping count, this is the second time in two days that an employee recommended something to me from their restaurant that I regretted afterwards.  I now know I should always trust my first instinct when it comes to ordering food instead of letting the waiters talk me into my second option.

But anyway, back to the McCormick’s itself.  The restaurant has a nice feel and the service is good.  The waitress serving us was very nice (although she did tell me to order the fish & chips) and we didn’t need to wait long for our food.  In fact, McCormick’s will gaurantee a 45 minute meal if you request it, which is good for all the working folks out there.

At the end of the day, McCormick’s is still a very good restaurant.  They have a very fresh selection of seafood and most of their menu items are actually very good.  I think I just chose the odd one out with the fish & chips (although it was still very flavorful but just too oily).  Especially since they have their 10 under $10 option now, I would definitely take a gander to see if it’s something you’ll be interested in.  If you see something on the regular menu that you might enjoy, go splurge and treat yourself to something nice.  It’ll be worth it (I hope).

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  1. That is a good amount of food for $10. I’ll have to check that out, myself. 😉

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