Los Cubanos won’t be seeing me very often

So I went to Los Cubanos Restaurant for lunch today and it was quite disappointing.  I had been there a year ago and remembered it to be unique since I don’t eat Cuban food often.  This time, however, it was very forgettable.  So the four of us get there but nobody really takes our order until 10 minutes after we’ve sat down (when they weren’t even busy yet).  Then we had to wait for our food for another half hour when the food we ordered wasn’t even that complicated to make.  The service was just ridiculously slow.

Breaded Steak

When I was ordering, I asked the lady if she recommended the Breaded Steak or the Carne Asada.  She said the Breaded Steak was better so I took her word for it, as did two other people.  In my mind I was trying to imagine what kind of Cuban flavors would go into this breaded delight.  However, when the plate came out it was like I ordered chicken fried steak.  There was no originallity or uniqueness to it.  The steak was cooked well, but it was super oily.  It also lacked in flavor — after I took the first bite, I felt like the steak needed some kind of sauce, which they didn’t have.  Maybe I should have gotten the Carne Asada instead…

The person that didn’t order the breaded steak got Los Cubanos’ special for the day – pork stew.  I didn’t try it but it looked appealing and she said it tasted good so I’ll take her word for it.

Sweet Plaintains

One bright note about the meal was the sweet plaintains.  They’re grilled and have a good flavor to them.  They’re a little mushy but not too mushy that it tastes/feels gross.  Next time maybe I’ll just get that.

So just to recap, the breaded steak was forgettable and bland, the service was super slow, and I paid over $10 for my dish.  Definitely not a place I will be going to again soon.


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