Wingstop is a sure win for good wings

Hawaiian flavor wings

Wingstop is definitely one of my favorite places for chicken wings.  Their menu consists of regular wings, boneless wings, chicken strips, and sides like fries, slaws, and veggie sticks.  They offer nine flavors of wings and also a few dipping sauces.  I love getting Wingstop whenever I’m drinking for the night, because what goes better with cold beer than chicken wings and fries?  Their wings are very flavorful and are made to order so nothing is cold.  There’s a good amount of meat on the wings, although its not super meaty like you get at some restaurants.  Also when you bite into the wings, you don’t get that oily texture you get at some places (I’m looking at you, Hooters wings.  Bleh.).

Lemon pepper wings

So last night we got the 20 piece wings with two flavors – Lemon Pepper and Hawaiian.  For a lot of people, the Lemon Pepper is a must and I don’t completely disagree.  It has very strong flavors of both lemon and pepper, but its a good balance between the two.  It is also a dryer wing since it isn’t drenched in sauce, so if that’s what you prefer, give it a try.  I think it’s good but it’s not my favorite.

The Hawaiian, on the other hand, is one of my favorites.  The wing itself is very saucy so you’ll get a little messy eating it.  It also has a strong ginger flavor, which is what I like about it.  Some people find the ginger a little strong, so it is your personal preference whether that’s something you want to try.  If you like the saucy wings but not the ginger flavor, then I recommend that you try the Teriyaki flavor instead.  That one is a little more sweet than anything else.  Or you can’t really go wrong with the original hot flavor.  That’s just a classic, but I find it a little boring as I like the be adventurous with my food sometimes.


Aside from the wings, the best part about Wingstop has to be the fries.  The fries are absolutely amazing.  They have seasoning on there that makes the fries salty but sweet at the same time.  It’s very flavorful, well seasoned, and cooked perfectly.  I always get a large fries when I’m at Wingstop.  I also really like pairing the fries with the honey mustard dip because it’s just phenomenal.

The price for the wings isn’t bad either.  The 20 piece plus a large fries cost us around $17 and kept us full.  They have a ton of combination meals with different number of wings paired with different sides to suit your preferences and needs.  So next time you get a wing craving, Winstop might just be the place you want to look up.

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