Sonoma Chicken Coop quite “meh” today

I’m usually very satisfied when I go to Sonoma Chicken Coop for lunch in Downtown San Jose.  Today was not one of those days.  Maybe it’s the fact that I ordered something I don’t normally get and took a chance, or maybe it’s that their food really isn’t that great.  Whatever the reason, today just did not hit the spot for me.

Chicken Cannelloni - meh at best

I usually get one of their hot chicken sandwiches, which is a good size that’s filling and tasty.  It also comes with chips and salsa.  Today, however, I ordered the Chicken Cannelloni.  I had imagined it to be baked noodle pasta with chicken from the description on the menu, but it turned out to be like a cannoli, which I guess I should have deduced from the name of the dish.

I could barely taste any chicken in my dish.  It didn’t seem like it was baked at all.  The marinara sauce was just slabbed all over the plate.  There was just nothing satisfying about this meal.  To top it off, it was very heavy too so as I’m typing this I feel a little nauseous.   Whatever you do, don’t order this dish!

That being said, I still like the atmosphere here for lunch.  It’s busy and there are lots of workers around the area that come.  I know for a fact there are dishes better than this Chicken Cannelloni so I am not completely turning away from this place.  I’ll be back again.  It’s not a place that you should go out of your way to try though.  It’s just a convenient spot for people in the SJ area.


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