Peggy Sue’s breakfast burrito is dy-na-mite

So Peggy Sue’s is a diner type joint with two locations in Downtown San Jose.  I’ve been there a few times and it’s your typical Americana diner with burgers, sandwiches, fries, milkshakes, beer, the works.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed this place had my office not bought us breakfast from there during a meeting one morning.  I will not forget that day because it was when I was first introduced to Peggy Sue’s breakfast burrito.

Breakfast Burrito (with bad office lighting)

The burrito is a good size – not small but not humongous like some other burrito places (Chipotle, for example, has huge burritos filled with unnecessary fillings).  Inside you have the choice between bacon or chorizzo sausage (chorizzo costs a little extra), plus eggs, potatoes (hash brown style), and cheese.  Now you may be asking what makes this burrito so special.  I guess on paper it really does look like your ordinary breakfast burrito, but I think the best part is really the hash browns included inside the burrito.  It gives the thing a totally different feel and texture that I immensely enjoy.  As you can see from the picture, the burrito also comes with their special sauce, which tastes almost like a chipotle salsa type of sauce and adds good flavor to the burrito.

For $3.95 (a little over $4 for the chorizzo), this burrito is a steal.  You can barely get a cup of good coffee for that price.  But I must warn you, this burrito is not suitable for light morning eaters.  I ate one this morning at 9am and was full for a good 6 hours after that.  You could even split it, half for your breakfast and half for lunch, which was my original plan but it fell through once I took the first bite and didn’t want to stop.

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