BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse makes a good club

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

My experiences with BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in Cupertino have been rocky and inconsistent.  Sometimes the food and service are great, sometimes the food is so-so, and there are times when the service completely sucks while the food doesn’t make up for it at all.  It is true that they have killer brewed beers and the pizookie dessert is to die for, but a lot of times I find BJ’s to be lacking in service and/or food.  Maybe they just need to train their employees better.

That being said, tonight I decided to skip the service all together and just order take out from BJ’s.  I ordered the Grilled Chicken Club with marinated chicken breast, grilled and topped with bacon, avocado, melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic mayonnaise on grilled sourdough bread.  Out of all the sandwiches I’ve eaten at BJ’s, I think this has to be one of the best.  The bread with the garlic mayonnaise had great flavor, the chicken was moist and juicy, the cheese had a good melt, the bacon was crisp, and the avocado knocked it out of the park.  Everything combined perfectly together in this sandwich for me.

Granted I could probably make this sandwich myself at home given the time and patience, I still enjoyed it quite a bit.  The portion was large enough that I couldn’t finish the whole sandwich.  It also came with your choice of regular fries or wedges.  There were only two complaints I had about the sandwich.  1) They slabbed butter on the bread and put it on the grill to give it a good brown, but that made the bread pretty oily and greasy to hold.  2) Since it was take out, by the time I got home to eat it the sandwich was already a little cold.  I understand this is not BJ’s fault, but it still made me a little sad.

At the end of the day, not going to BJ’s Restaurant is not a big deal.  There are a lot more specialty places around the area you can try.  I feel like this is just a good hang out for locals and on weekends it could be a fun place to watch sports games on the big screens.  It’s also convenient for larger parties to come for a meal, but if you don’t make it to this place you won’t be missing out on anything.

But if you do go, remember to get the pizookie dessert.  The oreo and white chocolate macadamia ones are the best.

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  1. sarina

    i recently discovered that on a trip with princess pao and now i get it all the time : )

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