Vivi’s Deluxe Burger still great after many years

Deluxe Burger

Vivi’s is a danky little place in Cupertino that serves different varieties of food such as pizza, burgers, and falafels.  It’s a mom and pop type of place run by a Korean family and the place is decked out with a ton of James Dean posters.  I know about this place because it was one of my friends and my favorite spots to eat back in high school during our lunch breaks (especially senior year when none of us had class after lunch).  A lot of people are out of town now, but when we are all back home, we still like to get together there just for old times sake.

To be honest, I have never ordered anything other than their Deluxe Burger.  In fact, it is so good that it is the only thing any of us order when we go there.  For a mom and pops store, they sure know how to do a great burger that’s made to order.  The long hoagie type of bun is perfectly toasted, the meat is cooked at a perfect medium, and the mayonnaise, mustard, grilled onions, and melted cheese top this bundle of deliciousness harmoniously.

We have brought many people to this place over the years, and they all come back wanting more of that Deluxe Burger.  You should also ask for their special green sauce in a bottle, which kicks things up a notch.  And for the price of $4.50, you just can’t beat it.  So go try it out some time if you’re in the area.  Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other there.

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