The Counter for good customized burgers

Originally posted on May 31, 2009

The Counter's extensive menu

The Counter's extensive menu

The Counter is located in Santana Row and the place is usually pretty popping with people. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, which is nice if you want to get some fresh air in the sun. This place specializes in custom, build your own burgers and they have an extensive menu list of choices. You can choose the type of meat (beef, chicken, veggie, turkey), the type of cheese, whether you want it in a bun or salad bowl (lettuce or mixed greens), toppings (4 included, then $0.50 for each additional), special toppings ($1.00 each), and special sauces. You can really get anything to your heart’s desire (that is reasonable for an American burger joint at least).

For appetizer, we ordered the 50-50 with sweet potato fries and regular friees.  DELICIOUS.  I’m a sucker for sweet potato fries, but their regular fries are really good also.  They have that special seasoning salt that makes fries even better.  The fries also comes with a thousand island/mayonnaise sauce that is very good.  They have other items for appetizers as well, such as fried onion strings.

Half sweet potato fries, half regular fries

Half sweet potato fries, half regular fries

Burger bowl - onions, pineapple, mushrooms, egg

Mixed greens salad bowl burger with grilled onions, scallions, sauteed mushrooms, grilled pineapple, sliced hard boiled egg, and roasted garlic aioli sauce

Grilled pineapple burger on english muffin

Grilled pineapple burger

I decided to order the burger in a bowl over mixed greens.  My toppings included grilled onions, grilled pineapple, sauteed/grilled mushrooms, and a sliced hard boiled egg.  I also chose the roasted garlic aioli sauce.  The meal was delicious and everything meshed together perfectly (I guess that’s a testament to my own burger building choices in addition to their cooking).  I love having control of what goes in my burger because I know I’ll enjoy it.  The meat was at a good medium level, and everything else tasted great.

My mom ordered a burger on english muffin bun with grilled pineapple, avacado, and mayonnaise on the side.  I didn’t try it but it looked very well prepared and the presentation was solid.  My dad ordered a burger on regular bun with sharp provalone cheese, grilled onions, and pickles (I don’t know which sauce he got).  Again, didn’t try it but the presentation looked nice.

Burger with grilled onions and pickles

Grilled onions and pickle burger

The portions are a good size, although some burgers look smaller than others (really depends on how much you put in it).  With an appetizer I’m sure you’ll be full.  They also have special burgers and toppings of the month for you to try.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you want a quality burger for a reasonable price.  If you’re picky about what’s on your burger, then definitely give this place a try since you can’t complain when you build your own!


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