Recipe: Salmon with Wasabi Honey Mustard Mayonnaise Spread

Originally posted on August 28, 2009

Salmon filet
Salt and pepper to taste
Honey mustard
Nori Komi Furikake Wasabi Rice Seasoning


Although I haven’t prepared this salmon dish in a while, it is really easy to make and really delicious so I wanted to give you the recipe in case you ever want to make it.

Final product

In terms of the salmon, it doesn’t matter what size it is.  You can have a large filet or a small strip like mine and this recipe will cook the same way.  First, season the salmon with salt and pepper.  Let it sit for a few minutes and then you can start cooking the salmon.  You can grill it, sear it, or put it in a George Foreman grill.  It really doesn’t matter as long as its cooked all the way through and to your liking.

Nori Komi Furikake Wasabi Rice Seasoning

While the salmon is cooking, you can prepare the Honey Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Nori Komi Furikake Wasabi Rice Seasoning spread that tops the salmon.  The Wasabi Rice Seasoning is a Japanese product usually mixed with rice so white rice is not so bland (although white rice is not bland to begin with!)  You can pretty much use it with anything you please and it works really well with this spread as well.  You can find this product at most Asian supermarkets for a couple dollars.

Anyway, back to the preparation of the spread.  Depending on how much salmon you have, you’ll need to adjust the amount you put in.  Also, you can adjust the ratios to your liking.  In a bowl, mix together about a 1:1 ratio of mayonnaise and honey mustard (I usually do 2 spoon fulls of mayo and 2 spoon fulls of mustard and that’s plenty).  Once the two are mixed well, add in a good amount of the rice seasoning and mix well again.  That’s it for the spread.

When your salmon is cooked through, take it off the heat and top with the spread.  Next, sprinkle more rice seasoning on top of the spread and place the salmon in the oven at 350 degrees for a minute or two to give the rice seasoning and spread a good browning.  I use a toaster oven because it is quick and easy.

Take out of oven and enjoy.

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