Poutine Truck – Authentic or Not?

Originally posted March 2, 2009

Poutine from the Poutine Truck

For those of you that don’t know, Poutine is fries covered with gravy and cheese.  The fries and gravy are hot so it melts the cheese and kind of melds everything together for an orgasmic, albeit heart-attack inducing, experience.  When I first heard of it, I was skeptical, but it is actually quite good and if you’re ever in Canada you should try it out.

My friend and I ordered poutine from a blue food truck parked outside the Toronto, Canada city hall near the ice skating rink about 2 blocks away from Eaton Center.  There has been much debate about whether the poutine there is good or not because they use shredded cheese rather than clumps of cheese (apparently that’s the “right” way to do it).  I guess that’s up for each person to decide on their own.  Some say it sucks because of this fact, while others argue that it is one of the best poutine places in Toronto.

Since it was freezing outside (negative 10 degrees celcius but after the windshield factor it felt more like negative 20 degrees), we decided to order and walk to the food court in Eaton Center to eat.  Although the poutine was nice and hot on my gloves when I first ordered it, the block and a half walk significantly chilled the fries.  However, it was still very good in my opinion.  Of course, I’ve never had the “right” poutine before so it is hard for me to compare, but I can say that it is something you should try at least once because it’s quite unique and pretty darn good.  Imagine what it would be like if it is hot and steaming.

Oh, and one more thing – try to just order one and share it.  I think you’ll feel super groggy and sluggish if you try to finish one by yourself.  You might also die a year earlier.  But it’s worth it.

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