Phil’s BBQ Knows Great Ribs

Originally posted February 4, 2009

This gem of a restaurant called Phil’s BBQ in San Diego, CA was recommended to me by my friend Jason.  Got there on a Wednesday night and there was a half hour wait that ran out the door and around the restaurant.  The person behind me said that was a pretty normal wait for Phil’s, and after eating there I am not surprised.

The place had a great atmosphere.  The servers were all really friendly and when the guy found out it was my first time there, he explained how to order, get a seat, etc.  There was a bar area to the left and tons of first come first serve tables in the main eating area.  The place was completely packed and the waiters try to get people to leave when they’re done eating so they can get the next table to sit down.

Now onto the food.  The food was AMAZING.  The ribs were juicy and fell off the bone when I bit into it.  The fries were well seasoned and perfectly cooked.  The onion rings were hot and plump.  It was quite a messy meal but I scoured it down (each table gets a roll of paper towels to clean themselves up).  The best part was definitely their BBQ sauce.  The sauce was sweet with just the right balance of tanginess.

The menu has more than just ribs though!  They have chicken, pulled pork, sides (potatoes, cole slaw, etc).  It was actually a pretty extensive meal where you can do a lot of mixing and matching for the right meal for you.

All in all, if you are ever in the San Diego area I would definitely recommend eating here.  It cost the two of us about $40 for a full rack of ribs, a half rack of ribs, fries, and onion rings.  It has become an absolute must for me every time I go to San Diego now.


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