Milanese Caffe just a walk away

Originally posted April 23, 2009

Milanese Caffe (yes, it is spelled with two “f”s) opened about two months ago on Telegraph near the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, CA.  The decor is nice, although the way they set up the tables make the place seem a bit cramped.  There are a couple TVs that play ESPN which I guess is nice for whoever likes sports.  The menu consists of all day breakfast as well as salads (the salmon salad sounded pretty enticing), pastas, burgers/sandwiches, etc.  There are a good amount of selections available which is nice.  The price of the dishes are also really reasonable – about $6-8 for a dish.  In addition, Milanese also offers complimentary punch in case you didn’t want water.

Clam Luigine

My friend and I both felt like eating pasta today so that’s what we decided to order.  I got the Clam Linguine in white wine sauce for a little over $8 after tax.  The pasta dish itself wasn’t too oily or heavy, which is a big plus because I don’t like really heavy pasta dishes.  The pasta was cooked well – a good al dente.  The best part about the dish was that they gave a large amount of clams.  Half the dish was covered with clams, and for $8 that’s pretty amazing.  The clams were cleaned and cooked well.  Overall, a very well prepared dish.

My friend ordered a Fettucini dish.  It came out looking really creamy so I didn’t try it.  My friend said it tasted really good, but it was quite heavy.  She finished about half the dish and couldn’t eat anymore because it was so heavy and creamy.  I don’t blame her though; I feel like that whenever I eat Fettucini so I never order it.  However, the portion size was pretty large.  I should also mention that both dishes came with a side of garlic bread and pizza bread.  Although I didn’t try it and she didn’t finish it, she seemed to enjoy the portion that she did eat.  If you don’t like heavy pasta, then the Fettucini is not for you.

Fettucini Dish

The only real complaint I have about this place for now is that the wait for the food was a little long.  We must have waited a good 15 minutes for our food to come out.  This might be due to the fact that there were people waiting in front of and behind us for food, and their kitchen is quite small with only 2 or 3 chefs.  It’s okay though, if you have good company you can just chat to pass the time.

Overall, I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a reasonably priced place to grab lunch.  The all day breakfast is definitely a plus as well (I love breakfast food).

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