La Note hits all the right notes

Originally posted April 18, 2009

La Note Restaurant is a great little restaurant/cafe that my girlfriend found through Yelp in Berkeley, CA.  We are always into breakfast foods so we wanted to try this place out.  The place is a bit cramped and is pretty packed with people, but our wait wasn’t two long (about 5-10 minutes for our seats).  I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of breakfast (would it be like Ihop? or more of a mom & pops style?).  Turns out this place has a very big french influence and I was happy to try something new.

Cote Quest - Two egg omlette w/ ratatouille and choice of toast (sourdough here)

The roasted potatoes were amazing. You can get a side order if this if you want.

I ordered the Cote Quest (Two eggs omlette with ratatouille, roasted potatoes “home fries” and choice of toast).  To be completely honest, the only reason I ordered this is because I’ve never had Ratatouille before and the Disney movie made it look so cool.  I was pleasantly surprised because it all worked out so well.  The roasted potatoes were amaaazing.  Definitely a must try.

Brioche Pain Perdu = delicious french toast

My girlfriend ordered the Brioche Pain Perdu (cinnamon brioche french toast soaked in orange water batter, sprinkled with lavendar honey).  Again, very delicious.  I’m always afraid french toast could get too sweet, but I found it to be just right.

Overall, if you’re in the Berkeley area and want some breakfast food in the morning or early afternoon, I would definitley recommend swinging by La Note.  I don’t think you’ll have any regrets and I will definitely be going back there again in the future.


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