Falafel’s Drive In driving business through the roof

Originally posted May 29, 2009

Falafel's Drive In sign - can't miss it

Falafel’s Drive In is seriously an old school drive-in spot (just look at the sign!). To be honest, it looks old and rundown and pretty much like a complete dump outside. It’s got benches outside for people to sit at and parking spaces in the front and back. However, I went at lunch time and this place was completely packed. Lots of working people come here for lunch because its cheap and fast.

Now normally I would not give this place the time of day if I drove by. However, a friend and I came here for lunch because FALAFEL’S DRIVE IN WAS FEATURED ON FOOD NETWORK’S SHOW ‘DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DIVES’ hosted by Guy Fieri.  I think it seriously put this place on the map, because now there are over 800 yelp reviews and still has 4 stars there.

Gyro with meat and salad

I will be completely honest and say that I’m not a person that usually orders falafel or seeks out a falafel joint because that’s just not my thing. Hence, I really didn’t have much to compare to in terms of whether this place is good or not. If you ask all the people waiting in line though, I’m sure they will tell you it’s the bomb. If it’s been on food network, I’m sure it isn’t bad.

Pita Chips

I ordered the gyro and fried pita chips. There was lots of meat mixed in with the vegetables/salad inside the pita bread. Nothing was under/overcooked, the vegetables were seasoned and dressed well, and overall I didn’t have any complaints about what I ate. The pita chips were a little disappointing because you can tell they fried them up in huge batches and let it sit so they’ll have it on hand when people order it. Therefore the pita chips were a bit soggy.

My friend ordered their famous falafel and she seemed to love it.  You can ask for hot sauce (which is what she did) which seems to make it even better.  Again, I don’t have much experience in the falafel department but I had a bite and it tasted good…again no complaints.  She also got a banana shake, which was very banana-y (I’m sure that’s not a word) but it was pretty good.


Overall, it’s a good place to eat, especially if you work in the area and feel like getting something cheap and fast.  If you’re a falafel/gyro/hummus fan, then stroll on over and check it out.  I personally don’t know if I’ll be going back again because I’m not a big fan of that type of food, but it was a good and filling meal.

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