Crepevine More Than Just a Crepe Stop

Originally posted February 12, 2009

Went to Crepevine in Oakland, CA yesterday for lunch.  I arrived at around 11:20am and still found it a bit hard to find street parking.  There are lots of residential streets around but it seems like many people that work in the area park there as well.  The restaurant itself was not too busy – not quite the lunch crowd yet I suppose.  The restaurant isn’t too big — it has small indoor upper and lower levels, as well as a patio area outside right on College Avenue.

The menu includes savory crepes, sweet crepes (more like for dessert), sandwiches, salads, benedicts, etc.  There were lots of options to choose from and it actually took me a long while to finally make a decision.  You can also create your own crepe which is nice for those who do not like conformity. The service is pretty quick as it took us less than 10 minutes to get our food after ordering it.  The servers don’t say much to you and seemed pretty unfriendly, but I personally didn’t mind because I wasn’t there to make new friends.

El Paso Eggs Benedict

I ended up not getting a crepe — I’m a sucker for benedicts so I ordered the El Paso Benedict, which had corned beef hash, bell peppers, onions, potatoes, melted cheese, and two eggs any style (I chose poached since I love the egg yolk oozing out).  It definitely was not what I expected as it wasn’t formed like the traditional eggs benedict I’m used to.  This benedict did not have hollandaise sauce and instead just had a lot of meat and bell peppers.  Although it was a refreshing change because hollandaise sauce can sometimes be too heavy, this dish didn’t wow me.  That being said, there are other choices of benedicts that are more traditional…I just didn’t order them.  I guess this felt like something I could make at home and hence it wasn’t too special.

Santa Fe Crepe

We also ordered the Santa Fe crepe with grilled chicken apple sausage, scrambled eggs, green onions, provolone and salsa fresca.  It also came with a salad and potatoes.  In my opinion, their crepes are a lot better than the benedict I had (hence the name Crepevine, I suppose).  The crepe was perfectly cooked but I again felt like it lacked a wow factor.  The inside of the crepe was something I could cook at home whenever.  The only thing that made it remotely special was the crepe itself.

I did not get a chance to try to sweet crepes, but I imagine they would be a lot better than the meal savory crepes.  After all, this place is all about crepes and dessert crepes are always the best kind.  I recommend you check this place out if you like crepes since they have so many different choices, but try to pick something you can’t get just anywhere (or cook yourself).  I would also recommend you save some room for the sweet crepes because it seems like that would be the best part of the restaurant.

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